3 benefits of personal finance with mint.com

Gone are the days of balancing your checkbook and reviewing your credit card statement line by line. Technology is all around us, making our daily lives simpler and our actions more efficient. Why not use technology to manage your personal finances as well? Although the concept of utilizing software to manage your money may seem daunting, let’s take a look at how this FREE software can not only help you to keep track of your income and expenses but so much more.

1. Customizable

For each of us, the dollars and cents of our lives paints a different picture. We each have our own needs and goals for our money. So why should we be forced into managing our money the same way as someone else? Mint.com affords you the ability to manage your money how YOU want. This easy to use, customizable online platform allows you create the spending categories that are appropriate to you and your lifestyle. By using the system’s Trend Analysis, you can review your expenses by category, evaluate your net income against your spending habits as well as check your month to month goal progress and details.

2. Accessible

Don’t have time to constantly check on the due dates for your upcoming bills? Or maybe you have been “late” and are incurring those nasty late fees and penalties? Mint.com is not only easily accessible from your home computer but on the fly from your mobile device as well. With its alert system for bill notifications, low balance and credit limit alerts, never be late again and keep those fees in your pocket instead. Does this sound complicated? Well, don’t worry. Mint.com was designed with the average person in mind. You don’t have to be very tech savvy to be able to create an online account and begin managing your finances immediately.

3. Control and Clarity

With all of the things that are out of our control in our lives, be confident that Mint.com can give you full control over your finances. Mint’s easy to use budgets and reporting system, give you the ability to monitor and evaluate your expenses as well as modify your budget and spending habits, even providing you with alerts when you have exceeded your budget. Having clarity when it comes to your personal finances opens the door for savings, future financial growth and even business opportunities.

4. Bonus

An added benefit that was not previously discussed is in fact, related to business. As you learn to manage your personal finances, you will be better poised to operate your own business since there are many similarities between personal and business finances. Although businesses utilize a Tax Id Number or EIN and a social security number is used for personal finances, both revolve around income and expenses. It is crucial for you to keep your personal and business finances separate and using Mint.com will not only give you the knowledge to manage both but the tool to effectively and efficiently keep track of all of your expenses, and income in preparation for tax filing.

Now that you understand that you don’t have to struggle with your budget and finances alone any longer, are you interested in learning more about how to manage your personal and/or business finances with a system that is right for you? Why not register for FIN 102 and learn how to more effectively handle all of your personal and business finances.

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