A key point discussed in our Entrepreneurial Finance 101 class is understanding how to separate business and personal finances using Mint, a free personal finance package from Intuit.  This resource puts you in full control of tracking your personal finances making that separation easier.

In Chapter 10 of our Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 101) class, we list three good reasons why you should start tracking your personal finances as soon as possible using Mint.com.

Still need convincing that Mint is awesome? Click the link below to directly access this tool.

If you want to learn more about building a financial business, check out our Intro to Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 101) class. This class covers all the essential details of managing finances as an entrepreneur, including how to keep them separate from your personal finances using Mint! Click the link below to access this course.

Speaking of other resources, you can access other FREE chapters from our FIN 101 class that discuss the uses of QuickBooks Online and LivePlan in the articles section of our website!

FIN101 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance
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