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Welcome!  InBIA, a non-profit with over 1,300 members in 62 countries has partnered with MentorBoost to amplify their eLearning offering for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial centers.  For over 30 years, InBIA has remained the leader in providing the best industry resources.  We here at MentorBoost are happy to join the family.

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Three courses that constitute the body of knowledge that every entrepreneur needs in the area of finance and accounting. Personal Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance & Entrepreneurial Accounting.

FIN101 Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs

A complete course on personal finance for everyone, especially the entrepreneur.

$79.95 $0.00 (FREE!)

FIN102 Entrepreneurial Finance & Financial Modeling

A complete finance and financial modeling course for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


FIN103 Entrepreneurial Accounting with QBO

A complete course on personal finance for everyone, especially the entrepreneur.



Great supporting courses to get up to speed and fill in the knowledge gaps.

FIN104 Financial Modeling Labs

Two world class labs, Lemonade, Inc and SaaSy, Inc to learn financial modeling.


FIN105 Introduction to Google Sheets

How to use Google Sheets, a free version of Microsoft Excel from Google.

$39.95 $29.95


Flexible Training

Pure OnDemand & Hybrid Models

FLEXIBILITY! Use the whole course, part of the course, just the labs or, to complement your classroom education. Keep students engaged with friendly competitions. Ask us how!

Tracking is Easy

Custom Groups, Reporting & Tracking

Setup groups, manage open seats and keep an eye on student progress through our reporting dashboard. Stay on top of who is done .. and who hasn’t started yet.


Let Us Help Customize!

We can customize even further for specific audiences and for specific business models.  Just let us know and we’ll work on something custom to meet your needs.


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