Mindset and Toughness are advanced when we do hard things, become comfortable being uncomfortable and when we find ways to increase our threshold for pain, discomfort and hurt.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to develop a better mindset, a WARRIOR MINDSET, and I’ve personally put much of this to the test. I’ve tripped, fallen, failed and even crashed and burned along the way. I’ve wrestled with self doubt and succumbed to fear. Yet, at times I’ve found a way to WIN when I had every reason to quit.

The single most important thing I’ve learned is that to build the right mindset, it takes a lot of work and a lot of intentionality.

Know How Far You Can Push Yourself

Years ago I decided to run a Marathon. I’m certainly not the first guy to run a marathon but it was MY first marathon. Although I limped across the finish line, limped back to my hotel and could barely walk up or down stairs for 3 days, I discovered that I’m capable of pretty awesome stuff.

The big idea? From that moment on, I’ve always wondered what things I used to think I couldn’t do but COULD DO the whole time. How far can you push yourself? Not only is pushing the limits fun but I think its a critically important step on the path to a better mindset.

Feel A Little or a LOT of Pain

One of the things I’ve started doing over the last year is fasting. Not just skipping breakfast but a real 72 hour, water only kind of fasting. The first fast I did was BRUTAL. At the 24 hour mark I was dizzy, miserable couldn’t sleep and it generally sucked. I stumbled through 40 or so hours and QUIT, tail between my legs.

Fast forward to today, I breeze through 72 hour fasts with only mild discomfort and hunger. The Big Idea? More more you practice things that hurt physically and mentally, the better you’ll get at managing that pain, the higher your pain threshold will be and the further you’ll be able to PUSH without quitting.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Put yourself in really uncomfortable spots that are completely and totally out of our comfort zone. And do this with some regularity. I love the Rachel Hollis story. Today, she’s a wildly popular motivational speaker. But, she had a very humble beginning. She was so nervous at her first speaking engagement that she dropped her queue cards and fumbled around, miserably uncomfortable. Today she speaks to groups of thousands with incredible grace. Was the journey easy? Nope! It was brutal but worth it.

Start and don’t quit. Embrace the suck. Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable. Do the things you know you should do that you don’t want to. Be Rachel and get up there even though you’re shaking scared and charge it. Fortune favors the bold. And ALL the good stuff starts with the right mindset.