My One Thing for 2019 is a Clean Eating.  This is one of those lessons that I seem to have a hard time learning and applying.  However, through tons of experimentation, tracking sleep data with my Oura ring, tracking fitness and nutrition data with My Fitness Pal and all my running with Run Keeper, I’ve come to a conclusion.  It all starts with food. I am an entrepreneur.  I have a wife.  I have two small kids.  I’m getting older.  Which means, every minute needs to be optimized.  There are very few windows to take long naps and watch golf anymore, even on Fathers Day!  In order to continue optimizing, I need to figure out what the next ONE Thing is.  And, for me, that’s dialing in food with the purpose of:
  1. Battling Inflammation – I now its a buzz word these days but I’m telling you its real.  And it really sucks when you have it and nothing works well.
  2. Using Food as Fuel – Primarily, I now treat food as fuel and I recognize the addictive qualities of SUGAR.  I now eat with a single purpose, health.  BTW, I still love eating and my food!!  And it’s pretty too.
  3. Optimizing Physical Health and Cognitive Function – I want NEED to feel great all the time.  I wasn’t blessed with an IQ of Einstein and the drive of Tony Robbins.  I need to give myself every chance to succeed.
  4. Build on the 2018 One Thing – Continue to improve, like a layer cake of personal awesome, now that alcohol is out of my life.
My 2019 App Arsenal

My 2019 App Arsenal

What does a Clean Eating mean?

Geez, there are a lot of buzz words and fads aren’t there.  Paleo, Keto, Primal, Whole30, Zone, Micro-fasting, Donut Diet, even a Gummy Bear Cleanse.  Yup, you heard that right, someone is selling the concept of concentrated sugar (you can replace sugar with *POISON*) in the form of Gummy Bears and telling you this is a good idea.  Wow.  Sorry if you bought into this reckless (borderline criminal) lie.  So, what does clean eating mean to me?
  • First, it’s NOT A DIET.  I purposely used the word DIET only a few times.  Reason?  I hate the connotations.  Diet is something temporary.  Something you do to lose weight and then bounce back.  What I am proposing is a permanent lifestyle change with the goals above in mind.
  • Second, don’t get hung up on buzzwords.  I didn’t want to get too hung up on anything, I wanted to listen to my body.  We’re all unique and what works for one person might not work for me.  Might be physiological or it might be just something I don’t want to do.  Like Keto.
  • Third, I wanted my new lifestyle to be family friendly.  I wanted to make sure that I set a great example for my wife and kids.  And, that I set them up for success.  So, any path I choose has to be family approved, and they can participate in this with me.
So what did I choose?

My One Thing for 2019 – Clean Eating

My clean eating is some parts Paleo, some parts Whole30, some parts Keto.  Not sure it has a name but here is what I do.

Big Ideas:

  • Plant vs. Plant.  If its grown ON a plant, I eat it!  If its processed in a plant, I don’t eat it!  Exception:  Some protein bars, Rx Bar, OutRight & Perfect Bar.
  • Macros Nutrients.  Generally I find that my macro nutrient breakdown is 35P/35F/30C or so.  Not because I planned it that way, it just turns out that way.
    • REVISION on 8/21/2019 – I have drifted more recently to a lower carb diet.  Tends to be closer to 35P/50F/15C or so.  Again, not because I planned it.  Just because I don’t need that many carbs and I feel better without them.
  • Carbs are GOOD, Processed Sugars are Bad.  I run a lot.  And, I like deep sleep.  Turns out, good carbs are very helpful for both. 🙂

The brass tacks:

  • 4 Meals A Day.  Only because it works for me.  And, when you eat clean, its a lot of food!!
  • No Alcohol.  Just isn’t good for you, soooo.  And, please dispense with the resveratrol in red wine is an anti-oxidant and thats why it’s good nonsense.  Or worse yet, I sleep better after a few drinks.
  • REVISION on 8/21/2019 ….. Red Meat in MODERATION.  I include red meat in my diet in moderation.  Listen to the CEO of Belcampo discuss why meat is not inherently bad, but that we’ve made it bad through the industrialization of the meat industry and changing the cows’ diet.
  • No Gluten.  I know everyone has an opinion here but I feel better without it.  And, there is substantial research on gluten, inflammation and other maladies.
  • No Dairy from Cows.  This causes inflammation.  No cheese, milk, etc.  Learn about Casein Protein.
  • No Legumes.  Bummer, more inflammation.  Cut out Peanut Butter, replaced with Almond Butter.
  • Unlimited Vegetables, Unlimited Fruits.  Within reason, still try to keep my macros as stated above.
  • Eggs, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Nuts for proteins.  They seem to burn clean with me, no upset stomach.

Some Sample Breakfasts!


The Results

How are you going to measure the success of some of this?  Sleep quality?  BMI?  Weight?  HRV?  How long I live?  This part is tough.  On the qualitative side, my wife says I look great.  And, I feel great.  But thats not very scientific is it.  As of the moment, I think one of the best measures is Heart Rate Variability or HRV. Why HRV.  Well, Heart Rate Variability is the measure of variation between each heart beat.  This is interesting because research indicates that HRV increases when the body is relaxed, not stressed from food intake and environment.  “For those who love data and numbers, this can be a nice way to track how your nervous system is reacting not only to the environment, but also to your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.”  Check out the Harvard article linked just above. Here is how I’m doing since I changed to a low inflammation, clean eating lifestyle.  I also included my resting heart rate and weight.  Very nice side effects.

2020 “The One Thing” Teaser

  • 2018 – NO ALCOHOL
  • 2019 – CLEAN EATING
  • 2020 – Hint:  It’s the ONE THING that most every successful person does, everyday.  A morning routine.  Hydration, Prayer, Meditation, Reflection, Journaling and more.  Stay tuned!