The Ultimate Sales Machine

The Ultimate Sales Machine

Author:  Chet Holmes

Pages:  245

Date Published:  July 1st, 2007


Getting in front of your customers is becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive.  Sales masterly is not learning 4,000 skills but rather, learning a handful of skills and practicing them 4,000 times.

“Mastery is a result of pigheaded discipline and determination.”

p. xviii


Chet introduces us to some big key ideas.  First, for businesses, lack of ideas is not the problem.  Its how to identify the best ideas and implement them successful.  And, this leads into the concept of working smarter, not harder.  Doing more of the right stuff, not simply more stuff.

1. Time Management Secrets of Billionaires

In a world full of interruptions and distractions, we often find ourselves in reactive mode and time management goes out the window.  Chet suggests that to build world class businesses, we need to have focus on time management and spend MOST of our time in proactive mode.

  1. Touch It Once – If you touch it, take action and FINISH it.
  2. Make Lists – Have a list of critical activities and a second list with all your to-do’s.
  3. Plan How Much Time You Will Allocate To Each Task – Be realistic about it!  And, leave some contingency time.
  4. Plan the Day – Set a Schedule, Do Time Blocking.
  5. Prioritize – Get the most critical, difficult tasks done first.
  6. Ask Yourself, Will it Hurt Me To Throw This Away? – Get rid of stuff!

2. Instituting Higher Standards and Regular Training

To build the ultimate sales machine, you absolutely need to have two things.  First, setting high standards for execution and second, continuous training.

“Improving and advancing the skills and professionalism of every person in your company is an ongoing process, and formal training sessions should be regular and nonnegotiable.”

p. 22

“If you really want to become the Ultimate Sales Machine, training is an absolute must at every level, no matter how large or small you might be.”

p. 37

3. Executing Effective Meetings

This chapter discusses how to setup and execute effective meetings.

“This constant attention to what I call the “three P’s” — planning, procedures and policies — is essential if you want to easily and quickly grow your business into the Ultimate Sales Machine.”

p. 38

4. Becoming a Brilliant Strategist


5. Hiring Superstars

6. The High Art of Getting the Best Buyers

7. The Seven Musts of Marketing

8. The Eyes Have It

9. The Nitty-Gritty of Getting the Best Buyers

10. Sales Skills

11. Follow-up and Client Bonding

12. All Systems Go