Well, I wouldn’t say CREATIVE as much as there are several people like Eric Ries, Ash Maurya and Steve Blank who have spend their entire lives thinking about this subject and have written books on this subject. And Ash’s book pretty much walks you through how to validate an idea before implementing it.

So, Step 1: READ The Lean Startup and Running Lean.

Erics books is amazing but it tends to be very much on the high level side. Ash’s book is pragmatic and tactical. Down to how to structure interviews at various stages of your product development.

Step 2: Get to know Steve Blank.

Steve Blank is the father of modern entrepreneurship and wrote a great book also called the Four Steps to the Epiphany. The NET NET: You need to get out of the building and go talk to your perspective customers. That can be scary but is CRITICAL to validating your idea.

Step 3: Go Do it.

With the knowledge of the Lean Startup, Running Lean and Steve Blank’s “get out of the office mantra” you’ll be ready. And, then:

  1. Validate the Problem – Do they really have the problem you think they have? (if so, move to next step)
  2. Validate the Solution – Does your product or service idea solve their problem? (if so, move to next step)
  3. Build an MVP – Once you’ve done those two things? Now you’re ready to build your product or service.

I am not sure if this is CREATIVE or not but so far as I can tell, this is really the best and fastest way to avoid building something that nobody will want.

Good luck!

Chris Holbrook

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